... and the beat goes on...


    Some brilliant clients have used Michael’s titles, themes and stories as themes for entire events. His titles have been designed with that purpose in mind. However, one woman changed the way we think of Michael’s "theme potential"…

    Often people like to "preview" Michael before they bring him in. Usually that is impossible with Michael’s crazy calendar; however, we do offer letters of endorsement to support his quality. Once in a while, people find a way to preview Michael while he is in the area. One woman came to hear Michael not once but twice, as he presented for two districts of the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT). When she finally hired him, she knew what she was getting!

    As you may know, Michael is known for his two different-colored tennis shoes. Over the years, they have become a logo for him. He wears a red shoe on the right foot and a lavender shoe on the left foot. He says it helps him tell right from left…("R" for red, "R" for right; "L" for left, "L" for lavender!)

    When Michael walked into the banquet hall for the NYSUT event, you can imagine his surprise when he saw the entire facility was decorated in red and lavender! There were red and lavender balloons, every other place setting had a red or lavender napkin, and all of the leaders and Michael had a red and lavender boutonniere or corsage! Then the piece-de-resistance Peggy Thiele stepped up to the podium, wearing a red pump on her right foot and a lavender pump on her left foot. Michael was so surprised and thrilled… he says he never felt so honored. At the conclusion of the program, Michael was presented with an original chalk drawing that incorporated his shoes and segments from his most beloved signature stories.

    In the past, other clients have done similar things: St. John School in Fenton, Michigan had buttons with Michael’s shoes on them for everyone on the planning committee and had decorated the entire room with a big banner and high-top tennis shoes all over the walls! In Lincolnshire, Illinois, at Adlai E. Stevenson High School, students had made a huge banner that said, "Welcome KARP!" and another that said, "NERDS RULE!" Many go out of their way to make Michael’s time with them special… and Michael will never forget them. However, nothing compares to how Peggy Thiele made a theme out of Michael’s colors!

    On May 11th, 2000 Peggy invited Michael to return to NYSUT seven years later… we don’t know if it’s because he is so popular or because Peggy has a lavender and red pair of shoes staring at her everytime she opens her closet! J