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    Recently, Michael presented to a group of teachers at a California workshop sponsored by the San Luis Obispo Community Mental Health Services. His program "The Art of Taking Care of Yourself ™," was delivered as a full day training.

    The room was crowded because it was apparent a lot of teachers were facing unbelievable stress and feeling very burned out! The face of education has changed across the country. What used to be the need to teach the "three R’s" has changed… and now teachers are also expected to be counselors, police officers, parents and entertainment. "The stress is unbelievable," one teacher said. "We can’t teach any more… there’s just no time!"

    It’s amazing how relieved teachers are to discover that part of being an effective educator is allowing themselves to set healthy boundaries. Michael’s program in California was delivered to a standing ovation and outstanding reviews. Click here for the corresponding letter of recommendation. This letter of endorsement gives evidence of how positively he impacted the audience.